Meinl Sonic Energy KL8MINI Kalimba Mini 8 notes Maple

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The Meinl Sonic Energy Solid Kalimba is a great sounding melodic instrument with unique characteristics, not only in sound but also in design. All 17 notes in the scale of C Major complement each other, why you will never play a wrong note. The material is high-quality maple wood. 
The Kalimba comes with a case so you can protect it from scratches and other damage. To remove stains from your Kalimba and to keep it safe afterward, a microfiber cloth and a linen bag are also included. Besides that, there’s a tuning hammer added in case you want to retune your Kalimba.

Feature 1: 17 notes
Feature 2: C Major scale
Feature 3: Harmonious tone sequence
Feature 4: Solid body made of maple wood
Finish: Gloss
Wood: Maple wood
Including: Case; Linen bag; Microfiber cloth; Tuning Hammer
Tuning: d'', b', g', e', c', a, f, d, c, e, g, b, d', f', a', c'', e''                            

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